Basic TrackMaking

Basic Track Editor Tutorial

Firs of all, you should familiarize yourself with the controls. You can see them using the help menu (the little hammer button). With the mouse wheel you can lower and raise the blocks, and holding ALT you can freely rotate the camera, etc.

A basic track has two elements, a Start (Green) and a Finish (Red). You can also add checkpoints and other things later too.

Editor de pistas

Here are all the basic controls of the editor.

To place blocks such as ramps, buildings, roads, etc. you just need to access the corresponding section and select the ones you want. Some blocks such as the Road can be dragged on the floor to make longer parts by holding down the mouse button while you draw the track..

Try to make a track, making sure there's only one Start, and at least one Finish.

Once the track is ready, so other people can race it you need to Validate it. To do so, click on the flag icon on the toolbar. You'll enter racing mode, and must finish the track to complete the validation.

Every time you change the track it will lose it's validation state, so just validate it once before you save it.

Well there go the basics. The best thing to do is to figure out the rest, it's not hard

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