Basic Trackmaking Tips

Basic Trackmaking Tips

- Always smooth: As a general rule, a track needs to have turns and ramps with good smoothness, or "flow" technically speaking. Try to avoid the car bouncing off walls and the ground, or avoiding hard braking parts. Avoid "pointy edges" and try to make a track which follows a natural racing line.

- Need for speed: Everyone enjoys a bit of adrenaline sometimes. Of course, not always a lot of speed means the track is good, but just make sure there's a good balance between braking and accelerating.

- Take your time: If there's a part of the track you don't like so much, erase and make a new one! Quality in exchange of quantity is a good thing!

- Originality: Try to make a touch of originality in your tracks to make something really fun and unique. There's over fifty thousand tracks on TMX! Amaze your players with some UFO's made from track pieces, or make a gigantic jump with a precise landing, just go wild!

Here goes some graphical advice on what NOT to do


Avoid unnecesary turbos.

This example is just sadist!

Make the way easy to figure out! Use signs and MT text if your track's route is not clear enough.

Avoid blind jumps!


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