What is a locator? A locator is a small file that tells the game where to get certain madia file (such as an image, music, even car skins) from a location on the net. They are meant to speed everything up when playing online without the need to use p2p. These are also generally used in tracks with custom signs, music or custom effects.

They are placed in the same directory and share the same name as the file they would refer to. For example the locator for "MyImage.dds" would be named "MyImage.dds.loc" and be placed in the MediaTracker/Images directory (Like MyImage.dds would). You just have to make sure that if you use a locator, the original file should be deleted from its corresponding folder to make sure it works (Except for car skins).

Making a locator: To create a locator, first you need to create an empty text file (.txt). To create it, you can use notepad, or more directly ib a folder by RightClick > New > Text Document.
To make sure everything will work, you should first make sure your system is configured (if using Windows). In a folder window, go to Tools > Folder Options... and into the "View" tab. Look for the option that says "Hide file extensions for known file types" (or something like that) and make sure it's unchecked.
Now back to our empty text file, open it (with blockpad or wordpad). It should be empty (d'oh). Now type the URL address where the file you are trying to locate is (http://www.myhosting.com/myfiles/MyImage.dds for example). Now save the file and close the text editor. Back to your browser, rename your file (if you haven't already) to the same name of the file you want to refer to as mentioned before (MyImage.dds.loc, for the given example). It's important that the file extention is changed to ".loc". You can later edit this file with your text editor as well.
That's it, you should be able to select the file from the game now, and it should download from the URL location you specified. It may take some time for the files to download, especially for videos and sound, which may take up to a few minutes, so be patient if you don't see it working. Many players also use this for their custom car skins, which is usually much better than having to use p2p. Just create a locator of your .zip file (located in the GamedataSkinsVehiclesStadiumCar folder). Just keep into account that the original .zip should not be deleted in this case, or you won't be able to even select your car!

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