Muliti Sliding
Multi Sliding

I will show how to perform multi sliding, which is a very usefull tool and ability.
As you can see by demonstration, this track has 2 turns, and the second turn has
a very tight angle to drive.
After you have made proper approach to the first turn ( going left) start turning right
and hit the brake just a moment after going right. You are now already sliding on
the first turn and getting closer to the hard corner. Thats when you press BRAKE key
again and you will see the car's tail giving a little kick to left and prepare itself positioning for the last turn. The GAS and RIGHT key will be pressed all time during sliding.

You can do as many multisliding as you wish.It dependes on how many times you press BRAKE
key during the slide. In this situation, double sliding is enough.

Now remember, dont let the time between the first slide( first brake pressing)
and the second one be too long, as you will see that the car wont make the second slide at all.
This happens very often, even when sometimes your car pass by the track margins,
you can see skidmarks coming from the car, and when car is skidmarking, making drifts over it
its really not easy.
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