First of all, there is a very big doubt about the controls needed to play the game.
There is a global idea that a GAMEPAD is needed to be able to play this game better, and that all top players use a gamepad.
This is not TRUE! Gamepad is not necesarily better then keyboard. Lots of top players dont play with a pad.

Some of the keyboards dont accept 3 keys at the same time. In this case, you really are in disavantage.
This is because you will need very often to use GAS+BRAKE+TURN at the same time.
OK, but lets imagine you already have a nice keyboard. You should prepare to use both hands to drive with a keyboard, unless u can manage to hit 3 keys at the same timewith one hand.
I know this looks obvious, but must of the players tend to use only the directional
keys, being very hard to press BRAKE at same time as turning LEFT and pressing FORWARD.
So i recommend defining a new key for function BRAKE to use with other hand. ( for example X)

In a gamepad, there is not a special or common button configuration for it. You should define the keys as you like and feel comfortable with.
I personally play with L1 and R1 for braking and gas( playstation pad). you should also define sensitivity and try it
some times with different values to see what is the best sensitiveness suitable for you.

Other main aspect in the game, is its fluidness, i mean, its a racing game, and good graphics arent necesarily needed if
your objective is to have a nice performance on tracks. SO i STRONGLY recommend that you should give the video configuration,
the minimum needed for you to run the game fast. Off course in cases that you have a powerfull computer, you should enjoy it and have pretty graphics as well. But its very important your game runs Fluid with frames per second maximized. ( you can see the fps by tapping 0)

Ok this was a little introduction, in basis about the game.
This wont be usefull for you if you are already an advanced player.
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